Kathmandu Date 18 April 2020
Hello I am Rupesh Banjara from Nepal
Namaste 🙏
I am going to write some words about the situation to create by corona virus in nepal
The global covid- 19 corona virus pandemic was confirmed to have spread to nepal when it’s first case was confirmed in Kathmandu on 24 January 2020.
The patient showed mild symptoms and had been discharged a week earlier with instruction to self quarantine at home he was subsequently confirmed to have completely recovered. Between January and March,nepal took steps to prevent a widespread out break of the disease,while preparing for it by procuring essential supplies equipment and medicine upgrading health infrastructure, training medical personnel,and spreading public per a record till now 18 April 2020 there is 28 cases have been now we have a lockdown all over the nepal people’s staying on self quarantine at home still there is new cases going to increase day by day due to that people’s are scaring most people shifted to village area from capital city( Kathmandu) to avoid the crowd. As myself I am mountain trekking guide specially people’s who is working In the tourism sector like me we all are worrying about our job because we think there will be no tourists for 1 year .
Many people’s are suffering with big problems like people’s who is working as a labor work in a construction field also same kind of work for others sector they lose the job even they don’t have a money to eat for daily basis. So in this case I think by myself government should help those people’s who is suffering from these kind of problems. Like if people’s don’t have a food to eat then government should provide the food to them. People’s are following the government order they are staying on self quarantine also they don’t have a food to eat so if the quarantine go longer for months people’s going to die due to the hunger
I am staying in Kathmandu now as per I see surrounding my area many people’s who is working as a labor work, they are from other districts ( out of the valley from other places far from Kathmandu) staying on rent
Now they want to go their own hometown but there is no vehicle we know this time people’s can’t go outside but they don’t have a money to eat and pay the rent still there is no help from the government.
As myself I am also from out of Kathmandu
Which called gorkha district locked in Kathmandu now .
I am also worrying about my job I have my wife and one daughter with me .
Now we are good but if the situation going for one month like now we are also going to face the very bad situation as my observation if the people who have a money
And rich they don’t have a any problems
But the people who don’t have money to buy a daily food (meals)It’s like a big war which is really bad situation .
Also the situation about nepal in medical sector test kits and PPE are not sufficient
Also doctors are afraid with the patient there is no any proper investigation from the government site it’s really a bad for nepali people’s but there is some NGO and INGO are helping the people that is some good relief for us 🙏
Best regards